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Coupon Keysforgames was started in 2013. It is a store that sells CDkeys for games. The store has managed to attract over 4 million customers, making it a reliable and trusted company. is available in various countries that call for strict security measures. It is for this reason they give protective security to those customers who buy from their site. This shield usually lasts for 30 days, which is very exciting. Kinguin headquarters are situated in Hong Kong.

Kinguin promo code

If you are a loyal customer, you will benefit from their promo code, which offers you a 3%discount on every purchase. Get yourself one of these coupon codes and benefit from the discounts.

Kinguin and Identity Check

You might have experienced a scenario where your purchase looked suspicious, resulting in a security check by the CDkey seller. This is very irritating and results in privacy violation and lost time. Each store should come with its own security checks policies. To avoid falling victim, follow these practices:

• Refrain from using a proxy or VPN while making a purchase
• If you choose to use Paypal, use the same email address for creating an account on their website
• In case you choose to pay with your credit card, use your first and last name while making your order

Kinguin is a worldwide marketplace for online games and game items. They strive to give you the best games at a pocket-friendly price. They also organise events and deliver the best in the gaming world. Their support is superb as you can get help 24/7. Get the Kinguin App to access your skins at whatever time from anywhere in the world. With this app on your handset, you get to choose from their over 40,000 CS: GO items.

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