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MMOGA is one of the earliest game key providers. It was founded and launched in the year 2008. The company has been active for more than 10 years by now. It was one of the beginner professional company in the European market specializing in the supply of game cards and keys. MMOGA provides a wide range variety of materials in the field of gaming. Some of the gaming products you find at MMOGA include keys to online games, virtual currencies, and game cards.

How operates is a site where you purchase keys to various games. It is a well-established organization in Europe. MMOGA accepts a wide range of European currencies which include; US Dollar, Euros, Great Britain Pound, Swiss Franc, Swedish krona, Australian Dollar, Canadian dollar, Brazilian real, and Czech koruna. This wide range usage of currencies at lure lots of players and customers from across Europe to purchase game keys without any hassles. The payment methods accepted at MMOGA include; PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, Pay safe card, Sofort banking and also mobile payment. This is one of the greatest strengths of MMOGA.

When you purchase a game key at MMOGA the average delivery time for your key is 5 to ten minutes if there are no technical failures. The key is sent directly to your email once the verification of the payment has been done. MMOGA does this at a very friendly price, safe mode of payment and efficient delivery of your key. A virtual game usually takes an average of 10 minutesto be delivered after you make a purchase if there no other technical issues. Once you receive your key you can start downloading the game immediately from the platform the game is hosted on.

MMOGA Customer relations

One of the greatest strengths that MMOGA has is a great customer relation. This includes fast response to customer queries and friendliness to customers. MMOGA also provides their services at very affordable prices. MMOGA has an email customer support system where customers can send their inquiries and get the feedback from the administrators. Apart from that, MMOGA has a support center where customers can search their queries from to see whether the queries have been attended to earlier. This acts exactly the same as the FAQs section in most websites. This section is a quick and efficient way for customers to find answers to their queries especially if they have been answered before. It is almost like instant feedback. Another impressive customer care product that MMOGA have is a bonus coupon code. This is a code issued to users which they use to get discounts on their purchases. This promotion is available to both new and existing customers.

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