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The facts are part of the ratings of various portals.

– 24/ chat support,
– Delivery in minutes or hours
– Goods should come as a Steam gift (without any
additives on the product page)

After the purchase you realize:
– The chat should be there only between 8-12 and 14-18 o’clock. Factual
but he was only there once at 1:00. The answer is to
Do not ask at all, neither in the chat nor on emails. In
Period of three (!) days

– The delivery is still outstanding on the evening of the third day.
The only reaction was this one: “no problem, we cqn create
new account vpn for activate”

– The goods should come as a Steam gift, but from
Argentina, for that you have to change your region and fight against the
violate Steam’s terms of use. Even if you
this after two days of futile waiting without reaction to the
If you make a complaint, you will find that it does not happen. It
there’s no response to emails or chats.

– The step-by-step guide to activation is virtually useless,
because the Steam gifts are only output manually. The
Steamaccount from which you can use in the tutorial for
Friends list has been inactive for 17 days. Since
the chat does not react an activation is actually not possible.

The refund is refused, it´s only possible to their shop wallte, from which you never get a key!

I advise you to give your money to a reputable merchant.

Stay away from Nowcdkey – Super dodgy!

The process to actually download the software doesn’t even work.
They want to you to login with a different user account and password to access a code which is meant to allow you to download your software but then you are meant to continue using the new account details when using the software.
the user account and password failed several times for me. I wasn’t able to access the code or even download the software. I asked for my money back and they have refused.

The is a very dodgy way of doing business. I have explained that I’m an unhappy customer and cannot access the code to download the software and asked several times for a refund and they have refused.

Stay away from Nowcdkey!

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