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Voidu is one of the fastest growing independent online game distribution platforms. It was established in 2015 and mainly specializes in selling digital game keys. These keys are directly obtained from official distributors and resellers. Its official headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates under the Voidu DMCC company name. The company guarantees the swift delivery of keys that work 100% and ensure exceptional data security. This innovative digital game store also sells digital computer games and packages. Voidu has an excellent professional website with a great support team and they sell their products at unbelievable prices and they also offer occasional huge discounts.

Payment methods

One of the highlights of Voidu is its variety of payment methods. Customers can choose from using a debit card, credit card, paypal, mobile payment, e-pin or gaming coins. However, you can only purchase only certain items using e-pins and gaming coins. These two payment methods are however not electronic forms of money or bitcoins. This means that they are only exclusive to Voidu and cannot be used to purchase anything else outside the platform. They will also be varied for 1 year from the date they were delivered.


Once you purchase a product via the Voidu platform, it is delivered instantly over the internet once your order has been accepted. However, the order may delay if there are some technical problems. Voidu will directly deliver the products you purchase, but may sometimes use or allow customers to use third-party services.

Customer services

In case you experience any problems or feel the need to contact Voidu, they have provided a physical address and email. However, they do not offer live support but they will usually reply to customers at the earliest possible time.


Voidu is a trusted platform that receives numerous positive online reviews. They are also known for addressing issues customers may have in a fast and professional manner. Here you can find a coupon code which you can use to purchase a product at Voidu at a discount. You can also feel free to add your review and tell us about your experience at Voidu.


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