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Out of Ore is a “Work in Progress” light-hearted, heavy equipment experience created by a lone developer and equipment operator. You are assigned a “Company Mining Corp.’s” base in the farthest north, and it is your responsibility to search for ore, mine it, and sell it to make money.

Build roads, bridges, and tunnels to connect the outpost to nearby outposts. Don’t be afraid to take out hefty loans to fund the acquisition of necessary machinery, tools, etc. You can build almost anything with the building system and bring down absolutely anything with the tools and trucks at your disposal.

Customise every machine with a rainbow of paints, lights, and extras. The game and its peripherals are compatible with a wide variety of input devices, including ISO and SAE controllers, joysticks, and wheels, enabling you to terraform the whole planet by chopping down trees and moving soil all day long.