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Developed by Sims EA, Cottage Living is a realistic farming game with exciting gameplay. Players get a shot at designing their homes, customising their characters, and expanding their homes. This is a game that delivers beautiful farming gameplay for enthusiastic players. Here is more to the game.

Features of the Sims 4 Cottage Living Game

• An Exclusive on Gnomes: The game is all about gnomes. You will get a magnificent experience to ride around the town using the Scenic Commuting Bicycle in the game. The game also has a beautiful and adventurous sculpture of a gnome that you can use.
• Choose to Raise or Befriend Animals: The game allows you to buy and take care of cows, llamas, and chickens. Now, the chickens have the liberty to roam anywhere if it’s not well fenced and may show up when you are trying to tend to your crops. On the other hand, the llamas will put up a fight if you try grooming them without understanding them first. All these animals will help you live well and comfortably in the cottage.
• Living off the Land: The game promotes beautiful and holistic living by living off the plants in the land. It has well-nourished plants that you can turn into delicious meals or include in the Finchwick Fair competition that happens every week. Even better, there’s an enhanced option that allows you to can food and preserves them even longer.
• Exciting Village Life: Have you been looking for a game with a comfortable setting or living? Well, the Sims 4 Cottage Living is your best shot. It allows you to live that serene village life and enjoy a cottage community.


The Sims 4 Cottage Living game gives you a beautiful experience in the village side. The expansion pack has animal friends, freshly prepared meals, and an interactive and lively community. Even more, you get to become friends with woodland creatures and meet locals. Enjoy the beauty of the countryside.